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International Artists: Rose Litsey and Brent Litsey.

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We specialize in contemporary paintings large and small. Minimalism, abstract, pop art, graffiti street art, big and bold dichroic fused glass jewelry, stoneware pottery, fiber glass, sculptures, oil paintings, raku pottery, interior designs, educational video production with branding, outsider art, welding, and mono-type prints.
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Fiberglass Sculpture by Litsey

International Art Dealer and Artists Litsey
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                           Large Acrylic Paintings  by Rose Litsey                               

Video Production with branding by Litsey


Large Paintings by International Artist Rose Litsey

Raku Pottery by Brent Litsey

Oil Paintings by Brent Litsey

Paintings by Joan Litsey

Big and Bold Fused Glass Jewelry Designs by Rose Litsey

Sculptures by Brent Litsey and Rose Litsey

Bronze Sculptures by Artists: Brent Litsey & Rose Litsey
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