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Title: Lover's

Medium: Bronze

Size: 4ft. W X 6ft. Length

Weight: 600 lbs.

Artist: Brent Litsey

Title: I'm Still Standing

Medium: Fiber Glass

Size: Base 18in. X 67in. H

Weight: 50 lbs.

Artist: Brent Litsey

Title: Steel Guitar

Medium: Steel with powder coating

Size: 15ft.

Weight: 400 lbs.

Artist: Litsey

Title: Aluminum Sculpture I.

Medium: Aluminum 60/61

Size: 46in. Tall x 12in. wide x 3 1/2in. thick x 3/8in. bottom plate is 28 1/2in. x11 1/2in. with 4 drilled holes 3/4in.

Weight: 275

Artist: Brent Litsey

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